Sunday, February 27, 2011


I had a bit of a baking day yesterday and cooked up chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, gingerbread men and pecan-pear-ginger-caramel tartlets, just because. I also had an omelette for breakfast, this is how they usually look when there is full cream milk in the house (I like them done as):

I am writing this a day later and have just finished another omelette. It makes for delicious breakfast fare, so quick and easy and delicous. Also an easy way to get your 5+ a day, courgette, capsicum, and mushrooms.

I made the gingerbread and realised the recipe I have is essentially a spiced short sweet pastry dough. Accordingly, I added a bit of extra cardamon, golden syrup, nutmeg and cinnamon to half the dough and turned it into pastry cases for some kind of delicious tart, which materialised as these:

They are legit delicious. I drained a tin of quartered pears, patted them with handee towels to reduce the excess moisture and chucked in some roughly chopped pecans.While I was doing this I put my tart tins (with the pastry pressed into them) into the fridge. If you want your pastry to be awesome you have to keep it as cold as possible at all times. You also can't handle it too much or it becomes chewy and tough, you don't want the gluten to develop too much.

I then prepared a simple caramel (100g butter, 1c brown sugar, 2T cream, 1t vanilla essence, mix over low heat till combined and then when cool whisk in an egg) and poured it over the tarts. They then went in the oven at 180 degrees for around 20 minutes. Then they emerged from the oven all crisp and caramelly and delicious! You could obviously do this with basically any variation of pastry and filling; date and walnut would probably be great with the gingerbread dough too.

Before I started the gingerbread I had made a teeny cake as a practice birthday cake. I wanted to paint the fondant to look like leopard print and it came out like this:

I'm very impressed with it, although I will have to think of something to do about that border.

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