Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wholewheat Hotcakes

A basic pancake/hotcake batter should be in everyone's repetoire. The general rule is the more eggs and flour, the thicker the pancakes will be and the more milk the thinner it will be. The beauty of the base recipe is that you can do WHATEVER you like with it; use chocolate milk, add chocolate chips, use different flour, add mashed banana, literally whatever. As long as the ratio of wet ingredients to dry ingredients stays in the right balance the world of pancakes, hotcakes, crepes and fritters is your oyster.

 Here is my circulon pan. I cannot stress how excellent I think this thing is; when I cook with it I have to start on a medium heat and gradually turn it down because it holds its heat so well. If you have a good pan you should never have to keep it on the highest setting, even for a decent steak. Good pans hold their heat well and don't have hot spots. This one falls into the class of a "good pan." Also, because it's non-stick (and with a spray-on coating so it won't peel) it means I don't have to use butter or oil to prevent sticking, although admittedly some things are better with butter and oil. YOU NEED ONE.

Enough rambling, here is the recipe.

Serves one

1/2 cup wholewheat flour
1/2 cup super trim milk
1 egg
honey & berries to top

Whisk together the batter, pour small amounts of batter into the pan at a time and wait till bubbles rise on the surface of the hotcake. At this point, flip it and wait till the bottom side is nicely browned. Once you have a good stack of them, top with berries and drizzle with honey for a health freak's dream breakfast.

I call these "hotcakes" and not pancakes because they are smaller than pancakes. You can also, as I stressed before, use white flour and not super trim milk but if you don't you can keep this basic single-serve recipe to around 300 calories with the berries and honey.


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