Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Health Freak's Lasagna

This lasagna is bonito. You will aime it, but only if you do it right. It's ridiculously easy, and although some of the ingredients are a bit not-student-budget-friendly (boccioni, eggplant, ricotta) it is DELICIOUSO and so worth it.


1 eggplant
3 small to medium-sized zucchinis
tin good quality tinned tomatoes (don't buy that budget crap)
2 large cloves garlic
1 cup ricotta (full-fat is probably better but extra light has 80% LESS FAT! 16 CALORIES PER SERVE!)
1 egg
olive oil
50-100 grams boccioni mozzarella
any random mediterranean veges eg capsicum, red onion, mushroom etc
parmesan cheese
salt and pepper


Deal with the eggplants first because they have to sweat for around half an hour first. Slice them thinly (just a bit less than a centimetre) and salt liberally, then leave the slices on a plate for at least half an hour. They literally will start to sweat, it's kind of weird but it removes some of the bitterness.

While the eggplants are sweating, slice up your zucchini (I did mine lengthways), finely chop your garlic and slice any other random vegetables you are going to chuck in. Heat a little olive oil in the bottom of a pan and saute them, then turn the element off and let all the veges sit there while you prep everything else.

Mix the ricotta in a new bowl with the cracked egg and liberal doses of salt and pepper. Salt and pepper are like a strangely well-kept secret; you can add quite a bit before you overdo it and they thoroughly improve the flavour of a dish. Salt, pepper and sugar are the cook's ultimate weapons. You could even add a few teaspoons of sugar to the tomatoes to be honest, it intensifies the flavour. Salt, pepper, sugar. Remember this.

Chop your boccioni into fat slices (about the thickness of three credit cards) and set aside. You can start to layer your lasagna now by putting the tin of tomatoes in the bottom of a small-ish lasagna dish, but make sure you drain the tomatoes off so you have the least amount of liquid possible.

If half an hour (or more) is up your eggplants should look like Richie after a world cup match against South Africa. In the rain. Rinse them off under the tap and layer them on top of the tinned tomatoes. Next, smooth over the ricotta-egg mixture and try to keep it even. Then layer on the mediterranean-y veges and over the top of that arrange the boccioni. Finally, grate some parmesan over the top and put in the oven at 170 degrees celsius for around 30 minutes. Any less and the eggplant will probably be too tough. After this, grill it for a bit so the boccioni is all golden and bubbly and delicious.


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