Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Did It Again.

I made another rodini. I don't even know what you call this thing, it's just a magic basic bread dough, really. It needs the addition of salt, however, otherwise the bleach-y flavour from the flour comes out too strongly.

Soft and fluffy! It came out well. I put mixed herbs through it (dried herbs, ugh) and finely chopped raw garlic, which is supposed to be ridiculously good for you. I brushed the top with olive oil and chucked on some colby cheese (higher fat content, melts better).

I highly recommend that you try this if you haven't already. See recipe here, but note that I only use the basic bread recipe, not the entire cornmeal-and-crap one. I first made it in this shape because Baker's Delight do this round, foccacia-like bread which they call "rodini." Jonny's family love them, so one night I adapted the shape in the form of focaccia. A quick google search shows that as being some kind of tribe in Pakistan, and it doesn't seem to be an Italian word, so I'm not really sure what its origins are but they are great nonetheless. You will love it.

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