Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I spent the past three weeks procrastinating for my exams by cooking tons of Frenchy things. Here, for your viewing pleasure, dear reader, is a bunch of food porn.

Although I didn't actually bake this bread or make the hummus, this was a ridiculously delicious anniversary antipasto-y thingy that J and I had earlier this month. Sopresso salami, Serrano ham, hummus with dukkah, balsamic vinegar and oil (for bread dipping, so noms), basil pesto stuffed olives, havarti, artichoke hearts and roasted capsicums! HOLY NOMS BATMAN.

I had a couple of attempts at making croissants, admittedly with the same dough, one lot I was impatient with and after having already taken 11 hours to make them I didn't let them rise very long and they didn't go very enormous. In saying that I did do half triangles so that they were more mini than Julia Child had perhaps intended.

MACARONS. My god these things are amazing. First few batches of chocolate came out amazing, the rosewater buttercream lot had a different texture and consistency but were still very delicious and softened up a bit the morning after I had made them. SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD.

I may or may not have made traffic light jelly.

I made ridiculous amounts of bread, I have perfected the basic recipe and decided it does best with a teaspoon of salt and runny sugar eg golden syrup/honey as opposed to white sugar.

The above lot of rolls had parmesan and black pepper on top and were turned into the delicious hamburgers below, the only way they could have been more homemade was if I had grown the ingredients.

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  1. Yum!! Your bread looks delicious!! :-) You definitely have procrastination down to a fine art, love it :-)